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Flash fiction: “Crossing the Scars”

Chuck Wendig’s Friday flash fiction challenge this past Friday was for *punk pieces, and one of the suggestions he listed—bloodpunk—pinged me in all of my writing places. This wants to be something larger (the file in my dropbox is called “airship circus demons.doc”) but for now have a 900-word glimpse into this world:

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a quick post to say

…that Chuck Wendig speaks the pure terrifying truth (often, but particularly today) — The Varied Emotional Stages of Writing a Book. Everything Is Nuclear Dogshit. I Should Not Be a Writer and My Soul Is Forfeit. The Blank Page Is a Terrifying Polar Expanse Where I Will Die.

But the alternative is not trying anymore, and that’s… no. Not an option.

So send a Saint Bernard with some good whiskey; I’m going to brave the slopes.

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Okay then! I’m in the house, the jonquils are blooming outside the front door, and I have a big pile of seed packets to start planting. (Also a brand-new shovel to dig out holes for fruit trees.) PROGRESS.

In an attempt to get progress going again in my creative life, I’ve signed up for the Goodreads M/M Romance group’s writing event again. I’m a spec fic writer, so finding a good prompt among their offerings always takes a bit of hunting—I just don’t have any idea where I’d start with childhood best friends who played high school football together and now they’re detectives and there’s gay for you and also they’re adopting a baby. (To be fair that’s a mashup of a lot of common themes; most of the prompters don’t ask for that many things at once.) The sci-fi and fantasy ones are thin on the ground, is what I’m saying.

BUT. Augusta Li put in a wonderful prompt involving a nonhuman, morally ambiguous protagonist, worldbuilding, and action scenes, and that is right in my wheelhouse. So I’ll be teasing out an assassin’s world and adventures while my garden wakes up and starts to stretch. It’s a good balance of life and death, I think.

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