the big news

I’m a homeowner!

That’s my excuse for my silence here. Had to get a major goal out of the way. I move into my first home on Monday, where I plan to have a flourishing vegetable garden and a fantastic roommate and an office with a door so I can shut the cats out of it when I want to actually get writing done. (If I’m really smart I’ll also invest in one of those programs that temporary blocks the internet for you.)

Expect more regular posts from me over the spring/summer, especially once the promo for Gabriel’s City gets going.

I hope 2014 is treating you well in all your adventures!


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2 Responses to the big news

    • Thank you~ I’m going to be super excited, I think, once this weekend is over. Right now the only thing stopping me from piling up my possessions in the courtyard and setting them on fire is that it’s too wet for anything to burn. XD