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a sudden bounty

Internet, I have a garden problem.

Okay, I actually have several garden problems, things like “will my tomatoes survive being transplanted outside?” and “ow, the spines on those leaves really are a skin irritant, aren’t they?” but I have one garden problem that’s exciting.


photo(5) I pulled these guys out today and there are at least two or three times as many still in the dirt in various stages of readiness. And the question is, now what? I failed somehow to lay in a steady supply of radish recipes at planting time, and one can only thinly slice so many of the little monsters into salads. Anyone have suggestions for how I might tame the beasts?


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Release day: “A Fighting Chance”

400x600_72DPI_AFightingChance_LG Available now! A short story released as part of Dreamspinner’s 2013 Daily Dose collection, Make a Play: No Losers in the Game of Love. “A Fighting Chance” is about wresting a happy ending out of a dystopian sci fi culture:

Luis Delgado, a boxer, and Davey Taylor, an artist, live in a future when Earth is home to the destitute and the only chance for a better life is found among the colonies that orbit the once-great planet. Davey has the opportunity to make a name for himself with an art sponsorship on the Luna Minor colony, but he needs to get there first. Luis may have the answer, but it means choosing between his career and his future together with Davey.

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