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I swear the hardest part of publishing is the waiting period in between finishing up work on a story and having it go on sale. But here we are! At this point it looks likely that my next release will be my contribution to this year’s Daily Dose collection from Dreamspinner (I could be wrong; I have a story in the pipeline with ForbiddenFiction, and they don’t get release dates finalized far in advance, so maybe that’ll hit sooner). My Daily Dose story will be out on June 1, though:


(Someday I’ll write a Daily Dose/Advent story long enough to get an individual cover, too.) The theme for this collection, as you can probably tell, is sports! So I wrote sci fi, since that’s what I do:

Luis Delgado, a boxer, and Davey Taylor, an artist, live in a future when Earth is home to the destitute and the only chance for a better life is found among the colonies that orbit the once-great planet. Davey has the opportunity to make a name for himself with an art sponsorship on the Luna Minor colony, but he needs to get there first. Luis may have the answer, but it means choosing between his career and his future together with Davey.

They’re good kids! And I’m looking forward to sharing them with everyone.

…In other coming-soon news, I’m a few thousand words into my contribution for Love Has No Boundaries, the mid-year free fiction event put on by the Goodreads M/M Romance group. If you’re a member of the group, you’ll be able to read some excerpts and info about what’s in store in my story—I’m doing a little thread hop with some other group members, and my first contribution is scheduled for tomorrow, right here in this thread.

I’d better get back to work on those boys, really—I’ve been sick this week, but porn and tide wait for no man, or something like that. Onward!

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